Athletics is a traditional Olympic and Paralympic sport and has been on the Paralympic programme since the first Games in Rome 1960, and a part of the Stoke Mandeville Games prior to that.

Video still of an interview with James Brown

Visually-impaired runner James Brown

James Brown won gold as a visually-impaired runner at New York in 1984. He also coached and acted as a guide runner for Darren Cook, a completely blind middle-distance runner, when he took three gold medals at the World Youth Games for the Disabled at St Etienne in the 1980s. Read more

Archive Film Footage of the 1984 Stoke Mandeville Games

Including Dorothy Ripley taking gold and the world record in the women's shot put.

video still of Danny Crates

Transitioning from rugby to amputee running

Danny Crates talks about transitioning from able bodied rugby to amputee running. Read more

Middle distance amputee running

Danny Crates discusses middle distance running as an amputee. Read more

Commentating at London 2012

Danny Crates talks about commentating at the London 2012 Games. Read  more

Ernie Guild takes up Shot Put

"As a disabled person, I was probably luckier than a lot of others… because I have always done a lot of medicine ball work and things like that so I have upper body strength." Read more
Head and shoulders photo of Isabel Newstead with her gold medal

Isabel Newstead - a short biography

Born Isabel Barr in Glasgow, Isabel swam competitively as a young girl.  In her late teens her spinal cord was damaged by a virus which left her paralysed from the neck down. Read  more

John Harris preparing to throw the discus in 1984

John Harris Describes his Long Journey Into Athletics

"As a teenager I had always been into sport: I used to do gymnastics, rugby and boxing – a bit of everything. So my accident was completely devastating for me. They fixed up my body, but they couldn’t fix my head." Read more
Tony Griffin with his winning medals at the 1984 New York Games

Paralympics legacy

Tony Griffin talks about what the Paralympics means to him. Read more

Shot Put and Discus Throwing

A video of discus and shot put being played in Stoke Mandeville and at the 1964 Tokyo Games.