Almost a Paralympian!

I was ‘discovered’ by Wilf Paish in 1988 who was the Coach to Daley Thompson and Tessa Sanderson. I was Marie Ratcliff then. This is my recollection of my all too brief athletics antics. Read more

BDSL athletics coach, Janet Arkwright

Janet is an inclusive coach, as part of the Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure team she coaches the district's learning disabled athletes. Read more

Adaptive cycling in Bradford

Bradford has a strong collaborative inclusive cycling offer and a cycling fleet. Read more

The UK's leading inclusive theatre company, Mind The Gap

The UK's largest learning disabled theatre company, Mind The Gap Read more

Local Bradford charity, Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure

Groundbreaking charity, Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure is a cornerstone and feeder organisation for athletes with a disability in Bradford District Read more

The 2017 Special Olympics National Summer Games

In 2017 Bradford was the largest squad contingent of the largest region competing in the Special Olympics National Summer Games, held in Sheffield. Read more

The Finmere Horse Show and Sally Haynes

In 1959 the first Finmere Show was held at Hill Leys, Finmere, to fundraise for steeplechase rider, Sally Haynes, who at 19 years of age had a spinal injury due to a horse riding accident at a point-to-point meet. Read more

Elm Farm at Stoke Mandeville - Memories of Colin Evered, Farmer

From the late 1800s to 1971, Colin's Father and Grandfather farmed the land where Stoke Mandeville Stadium and track was built and the land immediately the other side of the railway track where William Harding School now stands. Read more

Disability tennis in Norfolk

Disability tennis in Norfolk became popular after the '2005 Youth Games for children with disabilities' organised by Active Norfolk. Read more

Paralympic field athlete, Danny Nobbs

Danny Nobbs competed in seated shotput at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Read more

Paralympic cyclist, Iain Dawson

Iain Dawson is a visually impaired multi-sport athlete who competed in cycling at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. Read more

Bob Matthews MBE, Paralympic Athlete

Bob Matthews MBE, one of Britain’s most successful Paralympic, competed in blind middle and long-distance events and won 8 gold medals across 7 Paralympic Games. Read more