1940s: The beginning

On 29th July 1948, Guttmann organised an archery demonstration to coincide with the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games. Read more

1950s: The first international games

Attended by a growing number of national teams from other countries, the International Games took place in late summer. Read more

1960s: Part of the Olympics

In Rome 1960 the International Games were held for the first time in the Olympics venue immediately after the Olympic Games. They are now seen as the first “Paralympic Games” Read more

1970s: Open to all disabilities

At the 1976 Toronto Games athletes who were blind or partially sighted and amputees were combined with wheelchair based athletes for the first time. Read more

1980s: Return to Stoke Mandeville

Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann passed away in 1980 and relations improved between the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation and the International Olympic Committee. Read more

1990s: The IPC take charge

The newly established IPC took over the responsibility of co-ordinating the Paralympic Games and thereafter were twinned with their Olympic counterparts. Read more

2000s: Games of equal splendour

The 2008 games at Beijing were famously described by the Chinese as “a games of equal splendour”. Read more

2010s: To London and beyond

The parity between the Olympics and Paralympics at London 2012 surpassed all other games. Read more