Conversation with oral history volunteer

Rosemary Hall, NPHT volunteer, discusses some of the advantages and challenges of conducting oral history interviews. Read more

Types of sports wheelchair

It’s all well and good saying that my project is about sports wheelchair history, but what exactly is a sports wheelchair? Read more

Sports wheelchair and access

This year’s Disability History Month theme is, ‘Access – How far have we come and how far have we to go?’ This month’s blogpost considers this idea in respect to my research around sporting wheelchairs. Read more

Oral History: What’s it important for?

Exploring the topic of oral history in more detail, underlining the justifications for this methodology, and explaining why it is important for disability history. Read more

The Racing Wheelchair

The racing wheelchair has seen the most significant alteration in its form and shape over recent history, changes have been made to improve performance and user safety. Read more