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Articles of Association

Download a pdf of the NPHT's Articles of Association.

Collections Development Policy

The NPHT collections are managed by Buckinghamshire Archives and Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust (acting as an agent for the Buckinghamshire Council).

Conflict of Interest Policy

All staff, volunteers and Trustees will strive to avoid conflict of interest between the interests of the Organisation on the one hand, and personal, professional, and business interests on the other.

Copyright statement

The text, graphics, artwork, audio, video, images and the compilation of information contained in the National Paralympic Heritage Trust website are protected by copyright. Copyright owners are identified as the author, in the photo captions and the credit lines for each article.

Data Protection Policy

The National Paralympic Heritage Trust is committed to complying with data protection law and to respecting the privacy rights of individuals. The policy applies to all of our staff, workers, directors, volunteers and consultants.

Permission for filming and photography

Please fill in this form for permission to use any photography or film clips taken in the National Paralympic Heritage Centre.

Privacy and cookies

The National Paralympic Heritage Trust will do their best to ensure that your personal data is processed in such a way that your privacy is protected and safeguarded as far as possible.


The NPHT will ensure by the end of the financial year 2021/22, sufficient reserves exist to cover a minimum of six months’ worth of operating costs and will aim to extend this to twelve months if at all possible.


The strategy details the work the Trust will carry out during its first 5 years between March 2017 and March 2022.

Terms and conditions

If you use or contribute to this site you agree to abide by the NPHT Terms of Use and accept our Privacy Policy and Copyright Statement. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms you must not use or contribute to the site.

Trustee Meeting Minutes

Summary of the NPHT Trustee Meetings