The schools and community groups in Wendover will be invited to choose a theme or object in our collection which resonates with them.  They could be investigating some of the demonstration sports which made their way onto the programme over the years including snooker, Dartchery and Goalball.  Learning about inclusion in sport and the impact that technology has had on adapting sport for wider participation could then be explored alongside a Paralympian and a disabled artist.

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Wendover Art Club



Saturday 2nd April 2022

Wendover Art Club and guests were enthralled by an interactive and dynamic workshop led by artist Jessica Hamp who encouraged the group to explore experimental mark making techniques using home made tools from recycled found objects.  Photographs and objects from the Paralympic Heritage archive and handling collection were the source of their inspiration.  With a focus on movement this workshop celebrated the impact that physical activity continues to have on the lives of so many disabled athletes.  Personal expression was encouraged through a reaction to the tools and materials used at the workshop and this allowed participants the freedom to interpret the gestural fluid movement evident in the NPHT logo, designed by Rachel Gadsden.  This workshop culminated in the creation of collaborative banners celebrating the physicality, speed and agile expression of para-sport.

Wendover Community


Thursday 14th April 2022

David Smith OBE shared his compelling story of how he has defended his title as Paralympic Boccia Champion. He went on to demonstrate the precision and tactical agility required on court and explained the format of the game, the associated moves, as well as the intricacies of his sports wheelchair, before encouraging members of the captivated audience to try their hand at learning the basics of the game.