I started working at the National Paralympic Heritage Trust on 26th July 2023 partly influenced by attending the Paralympic Opening ceremony in London where I carried the Ukrainian flag in the Athletes Parade. I went to Marys primary school in Aylesbury followed by secondary school at Aylesbury Vale Academy and Aylesbury College where I studied games design and information technology, skills I bring to this job. I also do voluntary work at my Barnardo’s local charity shop close to home, 9 hours a week. When I work there, I occasionally come across some items of value! Some examples include items as small as rare Pokémon cards to items like a violin! I like listening to music and the latest hits.


I'm an individual with a history of experience in photogrammetry and voice acting. I have an insatiable interest in the nature and details of the development of individuals, cultures, and the psyche, as I feel comprehension of them & challenging paradigms and theories of the 3, is integral for innovation & improvement of societies and the wellbeing of others.I have a very epistemic and philosophical approach, encouraging a nuanced and inter-disciplinary understanding and practice, with a  particular passion for contemplative practices, altered states of consciousness and programatic trance states. Additionally, I’m an ancient history and philosophy buff with too many interests. 


Simon joined the Digital Explorations Project in early 2020. He read History and Politics at Queen Mary, University of London and has had a passion for history and heritage since childhood.  He was trained in 3D digital capture, oral history, photography and photogrammetry at NPHT and went on to train students from Pebble Brook SEND School. Simon participated in the Together We Build Project which celebrated Buckinghamshire’s Paralympic heritage as well as the tenth anniversary of London 2012. As well as helping out with guided tours at Stoke Mandeville Stadium and handling collections at events, he was also one of the curators of the 3D Virtual Museum which was launched in April 2023. Outside the office, Simon enjoys taekwondo, charity fun runs, dog-walking, cat-sitting, writing about motorsport, quizzing and singing with the Aylesbury-based group I Have A Voice Too!


I started working as a museum trainee at the National Paralympic Heritage Trust in July 2023. I enjoy learning about history and sharing my knowledge with others. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, watching films and video games. My favourite genres are history and fantasy and I have a passion for sports and performing arts. I have ADHD and autism but instead of letting them be a weakness, I use them as an advantage.