We are delighted to be an Arts Council National Portfolio organisation 2023-26 where our work is aligned to the 'Investment principles' and we aim to:

  • Keep focused on ambition and quality, ensuring our work is in the voice of those we work with.
  • To embed environmental responsibility and understanding across the whole organisation and all our work.
  • Build our dynamism diversifying and building partnerships, funding streams, digital innovation and remain open to new opportunities.
  • Build on being inclusive and relevant remaining exemplary in our work in terms of deaf and disabled heritage access as aligned to our core purpose and articles of association, alongside developing excellence in the field of sensory needs engagement and work opportunity.


Ambition and Quality

We offer accessible work placement opportunities for young people aged 16-25. Working closely with the school/college/educational setting to understand the needs of each placement student to best support them. Read about our work placement programme here. 

Environmental Responsibility

November 2023 update

Meet Tracey our Carbon footprint ambassador and Team Administrator. We have recently moved into our new office, to meet the needs of our expanded team of Museum trainees and have managed to kit it out with everything we need from chairs to desks, bookshelves and computers from recycling centres and friendly companies getting rid of equipment. We have a proper waste recycling scheme and have recycled our regional touring exhibition equipment to Milton Keynes Museum.

Photos left to right: Tracey Mallett, NPHT Team Administrator. Paralympic Heritage Stories exhibition at Milton Keynes Museum.


There has been a real focus on fundraising at the start of this five year programme of work. More information coming shortly. 

Inclusive and Relevant

Kop Hill Climb project

This exciting collaborative project with young people is linked to being ‘Inclusive and Relevant’ and will build our understanding of how students with sensory processing needs can use physical movement as a tool for learning.  

An educational outreach project designed to reduce the social isolation and disadvantage often experienced by children with SEND, using inspirational Paralympic heritage to develop confidence and life skills including strategies to support learning outside of the classroom.  The project includes a series of interactive workshops in two local SEND schools, exploring physical sensory experiences with inspirational role models in dance, music, sport and the performing arts during September and October 2023. To introduce movement as a way to enable children with sensory processing needs to prepare for learning beyond the classroom setting, building their confidence and equipping them and their families with techniques to help regulate their senses in order to reduce the isolation experienced through self-exclusion from new experiences like visiting museums or heritage sites.  

Paulina Porwollik teaching a dance workshop with pupils of The Misbourne, Great Missenden Secondary School
in September 2022 as part of the Stories from Buckinghamshire project.