Our aim is to create inclusive, meaningful volunteering opportunities and employment pathways for disabled people within museums and the cultural sector. By strengthening, diversifying, and reimagining support for our volunteer workforce we will widen access to and enrich our Paralympic heritage. With collections, exhibitions, learning and engagement, and digital development delivered by and in the voice of disabled people. Working in partnership with the wider sector as change makers to improve accessibility, representation, and opportunity for all.

Work Placement with the National Paralympic Heritage Trust

The National Paralympic Heritage Trust are delighted to offer accessible work placement opportunities for young people aged 16-25. 

A work placement with the Trust offers a flexible approach, we will work closely with the school/college/educational setting to understand the needs of the student and how a work placement can be supported.

We know that the understanding of the working world can be a barrier to finding employment. Through our work placement programme we will support young people to overcome barriers to entering the workplace. Young people will have the opportunity to undertake real work activities and adjust to routines and habits of working life that can give an insight into the working world and improve employability prospects for those who will go on to seek paid employment. 

In addition, young people will:

  • Learn more about themselves in a relaxed environment and explore the work environment in a risk-free way.
  • Use their skills in a real working environment and learn how these translate into the workplace. 
  • Develop new and transferable skills and exposure to routines.
  • Understand employability skills they have or need to develop.
  • Build confidence, motivation and an increased sense of well-being.
  • Broaden knowledge of the heritage sector and local history which may inform and shape career decisions.
  • Better understand the recruitment process and preparing for interviews.
  • Obtain a certificate and a reference at the end of a placement. 

Through our placement programme we have the opportunity to engage a diverse group of young people who bring fresh ideas, different viewpoints and the voice of the next generation. We work with our local community and partners to ensure everyone who wants a work placement, has access to one.  

Application Process 

We want to make our work placement opportunity as fair and as accessible as possible, mirroring a real life process of applying for a job. This is the beginning of the learning for a young person. Young people will be asked to provide an expression of interest form for a work placement, they will then be invited in for an informal discussion with our team. 

Please email [email protected] to find out more.


We are committed to investing in and developing our volunteer offer through training to build confidence and skills to support our ambitious strategy. Find out more about volunteering here.


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