This project will see generations come together to find out more about The Finmere Show which for over 50 years raised funds to support one of the most remarkable sporting events in the world.

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Finmere Village Fair

To launch the “Paralympic Heritage: Stories from Finmere” project, the NPHT were invited to take the Pop-up Museum to the Finmere Village Fair on the August 2021 bank holiday weekend.  Finmere is a small village in Oxfordshire where we are seeking to collect stories relating to The Finmere Show.  This community horse show was a huge fundraising effort that started in 1959 and continued for over 50 years, raising thousands of pounds in support of the Paralympic Games.  Paralympian Sally Haynes was behind this significant initiative.

Volunteers and staff met residents of Finmere and the local area and shared items from the handling collection with them.  Of particular interest to visitors was the sports wheelchair and the goalball. Goalball, used in the game of the same name, is for visually impaired athletes and has been part of the Paralympic programme since 1976.  A special photograph was taken of grandfather Glyn with his granddaughter Eva and the 2012 torch which was kindly leant to us for the day by torchbearer and artist Keith Jansz.  In 2012 Glyn had a similar photograph taken with his granddaughter who was then only a few months old.


Nicola and Alice, and Glyn with his granddaughter Eva with the London 2012 Summer Paralympics kit, mascot and torch

Raya trying out the racing wheelchair 


Teal trying out the racing wheelchair and Sophie with the Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympics kit and torch

Our volunteers and parents having a go at Goalball