Sally competed for Great Britain at the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960 in archery and went on to compete in wheelchair fencing at a further three Games.  She was appointed MBE in the 1988 Birthday Honours list.

An Interview with Sally Haynes

Interviewer Jon Newman, August 2012

Sally taking about how she trained herself as a fencer

It’s not just physical, this sport, it’s a mental thing, out-manoeuvring people with the moves you’re going to make; and being in a wheelchair you actually use your finger play, wrist movements and arm-defence faster than an able-bodied fencer.

Fencing, Stoke Mandeville, 1970s

Image courtesy of Wheelpower

Originally you would have someone who held the chair from behind so you were stationary; later on your chair was clamped in position. This photo must be of an international event, maybe mid-70s. It’s in the tent at Stoke; I recognise John Clarke and Ron Parkin (scoring) in the back ground…In fact if you had a good strong person to hold you it was better than the frames. You had to wait so long to be clamped in place that by the time you were ready you had gone off the boil. Fencing is such a nerve game that you needed to go straight on and do it, not hang around for the clamps.

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