View 3D models of objects from our Paralympic Heritage collection. These objects have been scanned by participants of our Digital Explorations Project, you can read more about the project here


Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games medal

Silver medal from the Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games. At that time called the ‘Olympics for the Disabled Holland 1980’ .

Bust of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann

This bust of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann was donated to the Trust by the Poppa Guttmann Trust. Created by sculptor Mark Jackson it was commissioned in 2012 before the opening of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. It is now on display at the National Paralympic Heritage Centre in Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Buckinghamshire.

New York 1984 Paralympic Games Great Britain Team Bag

Paralympic swimming coach, Doug Williamson's Great Britain team bag used at the New York 1984 Paralympic Games.

Seoul 1988 Paralympics sports holdall

Paralympic athlete Yvonne Matt's sports holdall for the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games, it was used for carrying her bowls. Yvonne competed in bowls at the Arnhem 1980, Stoke Mandeville 1984 and Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games. Written on one end of the bag is the team’s sponsor Parker Knoll, a national furniture company that had a factory in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. On the front of the bag is the Korean symbol called tae-guks which are in various colours including red, yellow, black, green, the same colours as the Olympic rings. This was the first logo created for the Paralympic Games.

Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games souvenir plate

This souvenir plate commemorates the Seoul 1988 Paralympics. It has English and Korean text with Seoul landmarks depicted including the stadium. It is similar to the text and design of the Olympic plate.