Reflections on blogging

Over the last two years, I've published 24 blogs on a variety of topics. Many were focused on sporting wheelchair technology, however over the last 6 months, I was particularly excited to work on the WheelPower Collections and write the ‘From the archives’ blogs. Read more

Educational video - A very brief history of sporting wheelchairs

Dr Jennifer Stratton has launched a number of educational resources to help people understand the world of adaptive sport. This video highlights how athlete agency plays a part in the evolution of sporting wheelchairs. Read more

Conversation with oral history volunteer

Rosemary Hall, NPHT volunteer, discusses some of the advantages and challenges of conducting oral history interviews. Read more

Types of sports wheelchair

It’s all well and good saying that my project is about sports wheelchair history, but what exactly is a sports wheelchair? Read more

Sports wheelchair and access

This year’s Disability History Month theme is, ‘Access – How far have we come and how far have we to go?’ This month’s blogpost considers this idea in respect to my research around sporting wheelchairs. Read more