Take a look below at the latest additions to our Community display cases at the National Paralympic Heritage Centre and National Spinal Injuries Centre. For more information about the NPHT collections visit our Collections Catalogue page. You can also watch our series of Paralympic heritage collection videos here: What's in our Paralympic collection?

National Paralympic Heritage Centre

Commonwealth Paraplegic Games

To celebrate this year's Commonwealth Games we look back at the history of the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games which took place four times from 1962, in Perth, until 1974, in New Zealand. These Paraplegic Games were only open to competitors with spinal cord injuries and were discontinued due to travel expense and organisation issues.

Disabled athletes were unable to participate in the Commonwealth Games until 1994, where over 90 competitors, representing 16 countries, participated in six exhibition events in Victoria, Canada. You can read more about the history of the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games here.

National Spinal Injuries Centre exhibition

As part of our Stories from Buckinghamshire project, we have on short-term display material developed at Paralympic heritage workshops across the communities in Buckinghamshire. They include:

  • Torches made by year 4 students at Radstone School in Brackley.
  • Posters and tote bag designs from year 9 students at Waddesdon Secondary School.
  • Pen and ink drawings by Wendover Art Club.