Waddesdon students will be working to inform their understanding of creating conscious and appropriate representations of disability. The use of language and imagery surrounding disability will be examined and challenged through creative workshops and discussion.

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Waddesdon Church of England Secondary School

14th June - September 2021

Year 9/10 graphic design students from Waddesdon Church of England Secondary School met Helene Raynsford, Paralympian gold medallist rower from Beijing 2008, finding out about her personal journey and the impact of representations of para-sport, as seen in promotional material surrounding the Paralympic Games.  This was a theme built upon by Artist, Caroline Cardus, whose experience as a disabled woman informs her reflective and language-based art form.  Students attended two valuable and insightful mentoring workshops with Caroline who talked with them individually about the work they were producing and the messages they conveyed, intentionally and unintentionally, which enabled the students to build on their work in an informed and conscious way. In September they held a Paralympic celebration event to showcase the work developed from this project.

Feedback from the school:

The project was an enriching experience for all stakeholders involved.

Display at the Paralympic Heritage Centre, Stoke Mandeville, December 2021


Paralympic celebration event, September 2021