Statue of Poppa Guttmann

The “Poppa” Guttman Trust was founded in 2010.

The Trust has three aims:

  • To advance education of the public in history of the Paralympics movement and the work of Sir Ludwig “Poppa” Guttmann in the treatment of spinal cord injuries.
  • To promote the treatment and rehabilitation of persons suffering from physical, mental and sensory impairment through programmes of education art and recreational activities.
  • The promotion of art for the public benefit by the erection and maintenance of a life-size bronze statue of Sir Ludwig “Poppa” Guttmann.

In addition to the statue, the Trust commissioned a life-size bust which has been given to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to display at all future Paralympic games.

More details of the work of the Trust can be found at the “Poppa” Guttmann Trust website.