Song writing workshops and performances


Sing A Song project

Photo of the Queen at Stoke Mandeville Stadium 1969 ©WheelPower

To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the Sing-A-Song project offered participants the opportunity to attend workshops to create and perform a song to commemorate the contribution of the Queen and other Royals to the development of the Paralympic Games. It was open to people with disabilities aged 18 plus, and other enthusiasts during April, May and June 2022.

Workshops with Robin Surgeoner MBE

Working with Arts Council musician, poet, and song writer Robin Surgeoner MBE, Director and Photographer Sebastian Lister and alongside I Have A Voice Too! (Aylesbury adult special needs theatre group), this wonderful song is being performed at local venues in June 2022.

Rehearsals with Robin Surgeoner MBE and Sebastian Lister

Performance highlights


Aylesbury Market Square and The Petri Dish, Thursday 2nd June 2022


Hughenden Gardens Village, Saturday 4th June 2022

Sing along

You can read the lyrics and listen to the audio for the song below.


Lyrics by ©R Surgeoner

Join us in Union, lift our hearts to our Queen

To celebrate your reign and the great Queen you’ve been

Thank You your majesty, and your Royal family

For supporting your people creating community


You've come to our Games, throughout your reign

Cut ribbons with scissors saluted our flame

The torch in our lives that lights the way

Uplifting our spirits each and every day


The love that you’ve shown us, has sure helped us grow

You’ve shown us goodwill through 70 years on the throne

Romantic your image, you’ve guided us with strength

Acknowledged our efforts and led us through Faith


Remembering the many, worn Poppies for the fallen

Brought pride to our Nation in all that you’ve given

You’ve shown us all love and shared your children

Brought happiness and joy, inspiration, and freedom


God save our gracious Queen - Long live our noble Queen

God save our…..


Queen of our nation it’s an affirmation

A party for your peoples and all your relations

Bringing us together in a huge celebration

Let’s all sing and clap in our jubilation


Queen of our nation, a platinum jubilee

Princes and princesses, horses, and corgis

You’ve given to us all for everyone to see

You are the best Queen this country’s ever seen



Paralympic sport Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury

From our doctors and our teachers and from all the military

We thank you for your service and all the love we’ve seen

We thank you from our hearts for being the bestest ever Queen


sing chorus twice, instrumental break, sing twice again and repeat last line to crescendo



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