The history and ethos of the Paralympic Movement provides an engaging way for students of all ages to learn about a number of cross-curricular subjects.


We will be offering opportunities for play that introduces the Paralympics and disability awareness to young children and families.  more information will be coming soon.


This year we will be offering free formal learning sessions at our new Heritage Centre and regional exhibitions as well as downloadable resources for teachers to create a self-led learning experience.  Our offer will include

  • Formal learning sessions for KS 2,3 & 4 at the new Heritage Centre being built at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.  Subject matter covered will include STEAM, SEN, PSHE & Citizenship.  These can be utilised as a standalone feature or with any one of our additional sessions.
  • A suite of KS 2,3 &4 online resources available for free download enabling teachers to develop pre-and post-visit sessions as well as self-led sessions
  • Free assemblies and workshops for smaller student groups available from NPHT Learning Team including PSHE and citizenship themes as well as breaking down barriers to disability.
  • Potential for our 'Meet the Paralympian' Programme.  We plan to have in person appearances as well as virtual ones.  

Higher Education/U3A

Contact us to discuss bespoke visits and access our talks programme for your college/university.

Please contact Katy-Jayne Lintott for more information and to register your interest at [email protected] 

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