Our vision is to see all students educated on the history of the Paralympic Games and develop positive attitudes to diversity and inclusion.

For students of all ages and abilities, there are a number of ways in which you can explore Paralympic heritage with us:

  • a visit to the National Paralympic Heritage Centre at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.
  • downloadable resources for teachers to use in school (see below)
  • online sessions with a member of our team

The history and ethos of the Paralympic Movement provides an inspiring springboard for students of all ages to engage in a number of cross-curricular subjects.

  • Citizenship - Laws governing human rights. Equality, Inclusion and Diversity – respect for differences and awareness of disability.
  • Science – Exploring materials, understanding the properties of various materials. Understanding uses and implications of science today and in the future.
  • Engineering and technology – Developing technical and practical expertise needed to perform tasks. Design and make prototypes and evaluate, critique and test your ideas.
  • Maths – Problem solving linked to times, speed distances and weight.
  • History – Significant events and social history for local schools. A study over time tracing how a series of events in national history are reflected in the locality.
  • Art and Design - Producing creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences.
  • PSHE - Inclusion, changing attitudes, anti-bullying and building resilience.

Resources for visiting the Paralympic Heritage Centre

These learning and activity resources are for teachers to develop pre and post visit activities. Please fill in your details to access the materials for visiting the Paralympic Heritage Centre:

Key stage 2 learning resources

KS2 Introduction

KS2 Paralympic Heritage Centre visit materials

Please contact us for our package of KS2 Tasks and Trails

Key stage 3 learning resources

KS3 Introduction

KS3 Paralympic Heritage Centre visit materials

Please contact us for our package of KS3 Tasks and Trails

Key stage 4 learning resources

KS4 Paralympic Heritage Centre visit materials

Additional Paralympic Heritage learning resources with activity sheets can be found here

Highlights from group visits in 2019

Feedback from the Teaching staff at Thomas Hickman Primary school:

The choice and depth of resources provided was fantastic – so much information and lovely ideas to work with the children deepening their understanding.

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