I was an IT Manager at a company until I had a massive motorbike accident.  This put me in a coma and in hospital for some time and has taken a huge amount of time to rebuild things after the event. Since then, I have been attempting to rebuild my career and I have taken up painting, not just as a hobby but professionally. 

I am fascinated with the processes involved in creating the 3D imagery models and I have enjoyed liaising with the team as we try to get to grips with how the process of creating 3D models is best achieved.  They are a very inclusive group of people and we all have a shared interest in these new technologies.  The course has expanded my knowledge and given me the ability to think creatively about new ways of developing more modern artworks. 

I have a mental disability which I consistently try to battle with and I think the Paralympics is a great way to see how others with disabilities attempt to develop the best way they can to reach their goals.

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