We are interested in collecting memories from individuals who have Paralympic stories to share, from the humble beginnings at Stoke Mandeville through to the present day. It may be that you were involved yourself as an athlete, volunteer, games maker, or spectator, or perhaps you have a family member with a connection. Whatever your involvement, help us bring our collections to life and preserve Paralympic heritage for future generations by sharing your experiences. Our friendly volunteers are waiting to record your story!

If you would like to share your story please contact [email protected]

Oral History Interview with Mike Brace

Mike Brace is a former Paralympic skier and leader of disabled charities. In this interview, he discusses his early life, sporting career, and his involvement in disabled sports associations, from his own London sports club, Metro, to the British Paralympic Association and London 2012.

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Monica with Portsmouth Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Jim Ferneyhough (coach) at a street party organised the day after she returned from the Toronto 1976 Games

Oral History Interview with Monica Vaughan

Monica Vaughan, Paralympic swimmer, competed at the Toronto 1976 and Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games winning 9 gold and 1 silver medals. In this interview Monica talks about her early love of sport, her athletic and nursing careers, her work for the BSAD, and changes to the Games in her lifetime.

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