Stories from patients and staff

Nurse, Mary Brennan

Paralympian, Angela Hendra MBE

Artist, Keith Jansz

Paralympian, Philip Lewis OBE

Paralympian, Margaret Maughan

Physiotherapist, Sara O'Shea

Dr John Silver

Physiotherapist, Dot Tussler

Dr Wagih El Masri

Extreme sportsperson, Barry West

Showcase 4

Object captions

  1. Nigel Smith's Sports Top, Atlanta Paralympics, 1996 - Nigel, Dot Tussler's husband, was successful Paralympic Basketball Player, GB team captain and coach. He played an important role in the development of the sport.
  2. Letter of Congratulations from their employer to John and Gwen Buck 1962.
  3. Gwen and John Buck at their works office being congratulated on their sporting achievement, 1962.
  4. Gwen Buck's Sports Writers' Association, Disabled Sports Personality of the Year Trophy, 1973.

Gwen and John Buck

Gwen Buck was a British Paralympic athlete whose interest in sport began at the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC). She won Gold medals in table tennis, lawn bowls, and swimming, and entered several athletics events across four Paralympic Games. Her husband, John was also a wheelchair user and Paralympic athlete.

Wheelchairs on Display

The wheelchair on display is Paul Cartwright's 3-wheeler sports prototype made in 1986 by Jackson Cycles in Leeds. The second wheelchair is David Weir's used early in his career.

Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright started wheelchair racing in 1978. He competed in the 100m, 200m, 400m sprint, the 100 and 400m relays and first ever wheelchair marathon, for which he achieved the British record at the 1984 Paralympic Games here at Stoke Mandeville.

David Weir

David Weir is one of the most successful and celebrated para-athletes in the history of the sport and made his Paralympic debut at Atlanta 1996. He has since gone on to win ten Paralympic medals - including six golds.