Held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Service Level Agreements updates

  • Vicky Hope Walker provided an update on the progress of SLA with founding members and partners.
  • NP noted appreciation of support from founders for the Trust and importance of the SLAs for the constitution of the Trust.

Financial update

  • Updated provided from RM who chaired her first F&D committee meeting in October including key priorities and focus.
  • Discussion held on Trust fundraising and approach.
  • SS Finance Manager provided an update on the overall financial position.

General Project update (VHW)

  • Project updates shared ahead of meeting. VHW highlighted the key areas.
  • Archives and Collections update as received by LC.
  • Marketing plan discussed for the build up to the launch of the Heritage Centre.
  • Likely to be a delay in the NSIC element of the project decision to be made by Board in January meeting.

Governance issues

  • Two policies were bought to the board for approval.
  • Discussion held of Trust risk assessment. VHW to bring to every board meeting. 
  • RM proposed F&D meeting to be held a month ahead of the board meeting

Date of next Trustee meeting

11th Jan 2019, 10:30 – 12:30, British Paralympic Association, London