Meeting held at Bucks Council Offices, The Gateway, with a Zoom option.

Chairman's Welcome

  • The Chair declared the meeting quorate and welcomed all attendees.
  • No conflicts of interest declared.
  • The Minutes from the last meeting were approved with no amendments.
  • The CEO confirmed that the Matters Arising from the previous meeting were progressing or complete.

Financial Update

  • The cash balance was felt to be good. The potential balance for the accounts 2022/23 was expected to be a small deficit of around £9000.
  • Staff costs were under budget, but fundraising posts started later than expected. Office refurbishment costs took longer than expected and now fall in the next financial year.  
  • The final funding from the NLHF will be received in summer, falling into this financial year due to claims yet to be made.
  • £238,000 funding confirmed for this year - £100k ACE, £60k NLHF, £30k Mitsubishi, £5k other commercial, £40k Garfield Weston, £3k other.
  • The Trustees voted to approve the Management Accounts, Cashflow and Budget report, and the draft budget for 2023 to 2028.

CEO Update - Draft new 5-year strategy Becomingly Seamlessly Inclusive 2023-28

  • The Board had seen the draft new 5-year strategy and fed back their thoughts in advance. CEO presented the strategy and further suggestions and comments arose. The Board approved the new strategy subject to some minor changes and formatting. It was agreed that future reports to the Board would align with the strategy targets across all areas of work as one document rather than a series of reports from individual staff.

Governance Issues

  • Risk management; fundraising remains a high risk factor.
  • 3 policies were updated and approved Safeguarding Policy, Safeguarding Statement and Safeguarding Procedures.
  • 1 Vacancy for independent Trustee was discussed.  

Next Board Meeting Dates

  • Thursday 21st September 2023 11:00-13:00 Sydney Suite, Olympic Lodge 
  • Thursday 23rd November 2023 11:00-13:00 Location TBC 


  • Conversations had about loaning objects to the Wimbledon Collections.  There had been liaisons with them over the years but no one has been in contact specifically around loaning items of which the Trust held little from Tennis.  Some staff and volunteers were due to visit the Museum next week and this could be discussed.