Meeting held in the Olympic Lodge with a Zoom option.

Chairman's Welcome

  • The meeting was held in person in the Olympic Lodge with a Zoom option.
  • Elaine Phiri, Rose Walker, and Emma Carroll introduced themselves to the Board as new and returning members of the team.
  • The Minutes from the last meeting were approved with no amendments.
  • The CEO confirmed that the Matters Arising from the previous meeting were either completed or progressing.

Financial Update

  • The Trustees were given an update from the recent Finance & Development Committee meeting.
  • The Trust remains in a good financial position.
  • The addition of two new fundraising positions within the team should provide some reassurance about the Trust's ability to raise additional income.
  • The Trustees voted to approve the Management accounts and the cashflow report.
  • The Trustees were shown a presentation about the benefits of including legacies as a way for individuals to financially support the Trust. The Trustees agreed that this should continue to be progressed.

CEO, EVM and LO Update

  • The EVM's (Engagement and Volunteer Manager's) report and the LO's (Learning Officer's) report were read by the Trustees in advance of the meeting. The CEO highlighted the benefits of the Rothschild project work and how it has helped the participants learn and grow in confidence.
  • The CEO presented a draft summary strategy for 2023-2028 that was agreed in outline by the Trustees for further development.
  • The CEO's report was read by the Trustees in advance of the meeting. The CEO emphasised how busy the team has been recently, and that there will be an Away Day in November to complete further work on the 2023-2028 strategy.
  • The Archives and Collections reports were read by the Trustees in advance of the meeting. The WheelPower box listing project will likely take another 18-24 months to complete at least, as there is more archival material than previously expected.

Governance Issues

  • The CEO reported that there were some minor positive changes to the Risk Assessment due to the new fundraising posts.
  • 2 policies were discussed and both were approved subject to minor amendments: the Business Continuity Plan and the Lone Working Policy.
  • There were several applicants for the vacant independent Trustee position, but none were suitable. The Trustees agreed to re advertise with a more general focus rather than looking for someone with a fundraising background.

Next Board Meeting Date

  • Thursday 24th November 2022


  • There was no AOB.