Meeting held on Zoom.

Chairman's Welcome

  • The meeting was held online over Zoom.
  • The Minutes from the last meeting were approved with no amendments.
  • The CEO confirmed that the Matters Arising from the previous meeting were either completed or progressing.

Financial Update

  • The Board was given an update from the recent Finance & Development Committee meeting.
  • The Chair of the Finance and Development Committee expressed her confidence in the appointment of Sarah Slade as the Trust’s new Financial Manager, starting formally in April 2022.
  • The Trust remains in a good financial position.
  • The Trustees voted to approve the Management accounts and the cashflow report.
  • The CEO gave an update on the team’s new office location in the Steward’s House, a relocation that happened recently.

CEO, EVM and LO Update

  • The CEO presented the EVM’s (Engagement and Volunteer Manager’s) report, including an update on the Rothschild 3D scanning project, which has taken on four new participants since the last meeting.
  • The CEO presented the The LO’s (Learning Officer’s) report, which included information about the upcoming Meet The Paralympian event, new NSIC learning resources, and the Meeting Point artist commission, which still does not have a location for display. The LO has programmed 18 out of 22 HS2-funded projects with another 15 months to go.
  • The CEO shared updates about the Heritage Centre visitor numbers – since reopening at the start of July 2021, the Heritage Centre has recorded 8,500 visitors, which shows an increase in the weekly average of 305 since the last Board meeting.
  • The CEO announced that the Trust will be putting its modular exhibition in the Velopark at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from 1st April to September this year.
  • The CEO outlined the proposal for the collaboration with the Chiltern Open Air Museum to rescue one of the original huts used during the early Games.
  • The Adminstrator presented the Archives and Collections report. Progress on box listing has been steady, with 27 WheelPower boxes containing 1,300 items completed, and 46 NPHT boxes containing 186 items completed.

Governance Issues

  • The CEO reported that there were some minor changes to the Risk Assessment due to the team’s office move.
  • 7 policies were discussed and all were approved with no amendments.
  • There were no applicants for the vacant independence Trustee position, so the Board gave approval for the CEO to readvertise.

Next Board Meeting Date

  • Thursday 19th May 2022


  • There was no AOB.