Meeting held over Zoom.

Chairmans welcome 

  • Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the board meeting was held via Zoom.
  • The Board raised several small amendments for the previous meeting relating to typos. Minutes were approved subject to these changes.

Financial update

  • The Board were given an update from the recent Finance & Development Committee.
  • The Trust remains in a good financial position.  
  • The accounts to March 2020 were submitted to the Charities Commission and Companies House.
  • An update on the Management accounts was provided. The Management accounts were approved by Members and Trustees.

CEO and OEM update

  • Highlights from the OEM report included progress made on the HS2 project, positive engagement from NPHT volunteers, and completion of virtual learning for the first group as part of the Rothschild project
  • There will be another Meet the Paralympian event on 19th March. It was suggested to create a social media image to promote the event.
  • The CEO introduced the 2-year business plan for Members and Board approval.
  • The Chairman confirmed that all were happy with the aims described in the business plan document.
  • The CEO sought approval to request an extension of the delivery time frame from the NLHF using provisional figures. This was approved by the Members and Board subject to approval of the finalisation of wording and finance.
  • The CEO presented a report on archives and collections. Less work is being carried out in the Buckinghamshire Archive due to Covid restrictions, but there is a working plan in place, including an application to the Wellcome Trust.  

Governance issues

  • The CEO confirmed that the risk management documents have been updated in line with the business plan.
  • Several amendments with regards to wording were suggested by the Trustees.
  • 4 policies were discussed and 4 approved.

2021 Board Meeting Dates

  • Friday 21st May 2021


  • Caution was advised with regards to reopening. The Chairman concluded that conversations regarding planning to reopen could be initiated when safe to do so.
  • The Trust has been liaising with developers and Garden Way to link the trail and oral history project.