Held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium offices, Aylesbury

Service Level Agreements

  • The board reviewed and approved SLAs between NPHT and its partners. These included the National Spinal Injuries Centre for the upcoming permanent exhibition. Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust and Buckinghamshire County Council and Chamonix Estates relating to the trail which will be developed between Stoke Mandeville Stadium and The National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC)

Financial update

  • The Board were given an update from the Finance & Development Committee meeting by the CEO on behalf of the Chair of the Finance and Development Committee. This included an update on the cashflow position, the budget and fundraising.
  • The Finance manager presented a financial report. In her report she presented the management accounts and the cashflow and fundraising report.

General Project report (VHW)

  • The CEO provided the Board with an update on the progress of various project areas. The NSIC displays were running to schedule and would be delivered on time.
  • A discussion was held on a launch of the Guttmann biography book launch with Calibre books and on the Heritage Centre name and if externally people understand what it is.

Governance issues

  • The Chairman updated the Board on a meeting held with the CEO of the new Buckinghamshire Council. A discussion was held regarding the merging of Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council and representation on the NPHT Board. It was agreed that Buckinghamshire Council would provide two Trustees.
  • The Board agreed the recruitment of two independent Trustees.
  • The risk register was reviewed.

2020 Board Meeting Dates

22nd May 2020 British Paralympic Association
24th July 2020 British Paralympic Association
20th November 2020 TBC