Meeting held over Zoom.

Chairmans welcome 

  • Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the board meeting was held via Zoom.
  • The Board approved the previous meeting minutes

Financial update

  • The Board were given an update from the recent Finance & Development Committee meeting by the Chair of the Finance and Development Committee.   
  • It included an update on the statutory accounts. The Trust is still in a good place but the potential impact of COVID-19 has created delays in some project rollouts resulting in underspends and has made fundraising challenging. The October accounts were approved by all Members and Trustees.
  • An update on the Management accounts was provided by the Finance Manager. Final approval for Final accounts to 31/3/20 was given by Members and Trustees

CEO update

  • The Chairman confirmed that the National Paralympic Heritage Centre remained closed and that the Trust was liaising with all the appropriate stakeholders to work on opening when safe to do so in a COVID safe manner.
  • The CEO confirmed that the office remained closed.
  • The CEO presented highlights from the OEM report including the successful online offerings which have taken place during the pandemic which included 700 views of the online half term activities, 100 children attending the Meet the Paralympian event and 36 attending the adult event.
  • The CEO presented her report which included an update on governance, fundraising, training, recruitment, exhibition approach, and archive and collection progress.

Governance issues

  • The CEO confirmed no changes to the risk report since the last Board meeting.
  • Work was taking place with external support to make necessary changes to the Members agreement and Articles.
  • 5 policies were discussed and 4 approved.

2021 Board Meeting Dates

  • Friday 26th February 2021