Held at British Paralympic Association Offices, 101 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6XH

New Board Members welcomed

  • Anna Scott Marshall, Director of Communications at BPA introduced as the British Paralympic Association Representative.
  • Elaine Jewell,Head of Communities at Buckinghamshire County Council introduced as the representative for Buckinghamshire County Council.

Service Level Agreements

  • The Project manager presented to the board SLA’s and Licence Agreements for approval by the Board. The Board were updated on the progress of Service Level agreements with other partners.

Financial update

  • The Chair of the Finance and Development Committee and the Finance Manager provided the Board with an update on the financial position since the previous meeting.
  • A discussion was held on additional fundraising avenues and raising awareness of the work of the National Paralympic Heritage Trust. Discussion was held utilising existing influential supporters of NPHT for fundraising, and attracting new supporters.

General Project report (VHW)

  • The Project Manager presented provided an updated two year review for HLF.
  • The Board discussed the opening of the Heritage Centre.
  • The Project Manager updated the Board on the progress with archives and collections.

Governance issues

  • The Board reviewed the risk register.

2019 Board Meeting Dates

  • 20th Sept 2019 11:00–13:00 Buckinghamshire County Council
  • 22nd Nov 2019 11:00–13:00 Aylesbury Vale District Council