30th April 2018

Children from Booker Park Special School in Aylesbury took on an important consultation role when they were visited by the team from the National Paralympic Heritage Trust.
The children were asked their thoughts on planned exhibits for the heritage centre exhibition that will explore the life and work of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann and follow the journey of the Paralympic Games since 1948. They had some great ideas of their own which they happily shared, including the use of a green screen to replicate a medal ceremony and the opportunity to experience wheelchair racing around a sports track.

All the children had a chance to hold a Paralympic torch from the recent Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics and see at first-hand various medals from different games.

Children and teachers at Booker Park special school looking  at Paralympic medals Children asking teachers questions in a classroom

Vicky Hope-Walker, Project Manager at NPHT said

Going into Booker Park School was great fun for us and very helpful for shaping our designs and learning activity, also as it is easy to get lost in paperwork, a reminder of what we are about, audiences! The School is in walking distance of Stoke Mandeville Stadium and as such we shall have a close relationship with them. The children came up with some great ideas that we shall incorporate into our plans.

Bethan Lang, Deputy Head at Booker Park School added

It was wonderful to welcome Vicky and her team to the school and fantastic to see how engaged the children were with the plans. We all agreed we are very much looking forward to visiting the centre when it opens later this year.