We are delighted that in partnership with Calibre Audio the book, 'Spirit of Stoke Mandeville', the biography of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann by Susan Goodman is now available in audio for those with a print disability. Details on accessing the book are below. Watch this short film to find out about the audiobook:

Summary from Spirit of Stoke Mandeville

By Author Susan Goodman

Those who were close to Ludwig Guttmann and who knew his background intimately urged him to write his memoirs. He had, they believed, a unique version of recent history to tell, both from the medical and political viewpoint. He had, as he recorded with feeling,

experienced the depths to which mankind can sink, having witnessed the terrible effects of Nazism…as well as the forces of courage and justice which humanity can marshal to defeat intolerance and cruelty.

He had worked with men he termed ‘giants’ in his own speciality of medical and surgical neurology. With the enthusiasm he brought to all his undertakings, Guttmann started to write.

Given permission and encouragement by his family, in recounting this story I have, where possible, included Ludwig Guttmann’s own words.

Audio book

Visit Calibre Audio www.calibreaudio.org.uk to find out how to access the audiobook. There is a joining criteria for Calibre Audio but it's free and easy for those who qualify.

Audio Described Virtual Tour

On Wednesday 26th May, 6-7pm we will be delving into our displays through an audio-described tour bringing the audiobook and the work of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann to life. Booking for this event is now open, you can register here.

About Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann

You can read more about the inspirational work of the founding Father of the Paralympic movement here

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