I’ve had a varied career, working in the arts and theatres, set up and ran a vintage dance and entertainment business, then moved into the nature conservation sector in a communications role! I love writing and have written a novel, and enjoy sewing, watching theatre, dance and outdoor arts.

I was keen to gain an insight into 3D scanning of museum objects and how that can improve access to historical objects for people who don’t usually attend museums or from distant locations. I loved the way the project built-in paid work opportunities and skills to help tackle the disability employment gap. I joined the project in early 2021 and helped to scan some museum objects. I can’t say I have the steadiest hand but I did get down on the floor to scan the underside of a mascot’s cape! I particularly enjoyed researching the objects and writing interpretation information. I loved meeting the other participants and hearing their interests.

The project helped me to be more open about having a ‘non-visible disability’. I’m now inputting into my organisation’s EDI (Equality, Inclusion and Diversity) strategy. The Paralympic story has been inspiring in bringing forward disability rights, although society has a long way to go in changing its thinking and structures to make sure that people aren’t excluded.

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