Jean Stone worked as an occupational therapist in Scotland and worked with the GB and Scottish teams at Olympic and Commonwealth Games. She helped organise the 1984 Olympics at Stoke Mandeville. She is a board member of WheelPower.

An interview with Jean Stone

April 2012

In the various Scottish hospitals in which I worked it was always the Occupational Therapy staff who had responsibility for doing sports with the patients… The other difference was that lots of the OT departments would have men on the staff who used to get involved in the different sports.

For example at Eaton Hall one of the remedial gymnasts there just happened to be a fencer, so as a result all the patients going through rehab there got to do fencing.  Physiotherapy was still largely a woman’s profession.

I think Guttmann’s model at Stoke Mandeville where the physiotherapy department – rather than the OT – was responsible for all the sports rehabilitation was quite unusual at the time. But then Guttmann could never see the point of OT and didn’t invest in it in the same way at Stoke.

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