Jane is the founder of “Sing Your Pain Away”.  Her inclusive group singing/choir sessions are all about singing for wellbeing, health & fun.

Jane has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a debilitating condition that causes pain and frequent joint dislocations. She created SYPA when she found herself effectively excluded from a traditional choir as she could no longer stand for more than about 10 minutes, nor could she sit, except on a specially adapted chair.  Jane wanted to create a choir that was accessible to everyone, regardless of their situation and where no-one was ever judged. A safe space, where members could reap the proven health benefits of group singing, which include reducing pain, lowering stress and anxiety and lifting mood. Hence Sing Your Pain Away was born!

Now there are 13 Sing Your Pain Away groups/choirs throughout Bucks and beyond which welcome local people with long-term physical or mental health conditions, as well as those going through an emotionally tough time, such as a bereavement or caring for a sick loved one.

For more information visit: www.singyourpainaway.co.uk

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