Ice sledge hockey has been a Paralympic sport since the Lillehammer 1994 Winter Paralympics. Fast paced, exciting and highly physical, sledge hockey has become one of the most popular spectator sports. Players sit on sledges with two blades and have two sticks, one for pushing and one for shooting. The sled hockey pucks slow down once they warm up so are changed every two minutes.

ice sledge hockey

Who can participate?

There is no classification system for ice sledge hockey meaning that it is fully inclusive. It has very quickly become one of the most popular attractions for athletes who have an impairment of a permanent nature in the lower part of the body.

British Ice Sledge Hockey League

The Peterborough Phantoms

The Peterborough Phantoms were established in 2011, due to a major push by Planet Ice and the British Sledge Hockey Association, to breathe new life into the game within the UK. Prior to 2011, the game was on the decline, with only 1 club remaining that could play at a competitive level. This all changed in 2011, when along with the Basingstoke Bisons, we joined the league.

Each year since, new clubs have come and gone but the league has continued to move forward, and now more players are coming into the sport. The league now boasts a total of 5 clubs that include the; Manchester Mayhem, Cardiff Huskies, Kingston Kestrels, Sheffield Steelkings and the Peterborough Phantoms.

In 2011, we won our first trophy, the Play Off finals against the established team, Kingston Kestrels. It took another 2 years for our club to gain experience and in 2013 we won the first Planet Ice League Championship. We followed this up in 2014 with the League and Play Off double, and in 2015 we successfully retained the League Championship for a third time. 2016 saw us win our 4th League Championship in 4 years, along with our 3rd Play-Off Tournament trophy.

The club started with only a small handful of players, and the majority are still with us today, along with an ever-expanding squad that is growing every season. We are proud to provide a fully inclusive experience for those new or experienced to the game.

We have helped to develop players, who have represented Great Britain at World Championships and Paralympic Qualification tournaments.

Current GB players who play for the Peterborough Phantoms are; Matt Coleman (Forward), Darren Brown (Defence), Robin Gaze (Goal) and Scotty Turner (Defender).

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Matt and Namoi from the Peterborough Phantoms Sledge Hockey Club on the Ice Photo of the Peterborough Phantoms Para Sledge Hockey Club Dave from The Peterborough Phantoms Sledge Hockey Club on the ice