Let us help you increase access and improve engagement with your museum collection, as well as providing training opportunities for disabled people. 

Our Digital Explorations team have received professional training: developing and perfecting their approach to digital capture.  The team are able to create 3D digital models of a variety of different types and sizes of artefacts using photogrammetry and/ or a structured light scanner and will help you make your models available to the public on the Sketchfab platform.  

Below are some examples of models that we have completed for other museums.

Quote from Chesham Museum:

It's hugely important to us to create an inclusive museum.  Chesham Museum doesn't have a fixed premises; our collection is in store and we run all our work in the community. We are developing an online collection so these scans form a key part of making our collection accessible. This project gives direct opportunities for disabled people to work with our collection. Disabled people face barriers to entering the workforce, including in the museum and heritage sector. This project gives them valuable experience, but it also results in new perspectives, ideas and approaches to working that are of benefit to all of us. It also helps us better understand the needs of disabled people, so we can change our approach and work towards a more inclusive practice. 


Images from left to right: editing scans and taking photos for photogrammetry, and editing an object loaned from Chesham Museum.

We are interested in working with heritage organisations to help develop your digital accessibility as well as improve your disability awareness. Please contact us to find out more at [email protected]