Remembering the London 2012 Paralympic Games

On the 29th July 1948, the day the Olympic Games opened in London, Dr Ludwig Guttmann staged the Stoke Mandeville Games, on the hospital grounds. In 2012 the Games returned to the UK and Margaret Maughan the first ever Paralympic gold medalist lit the cauldron at the opening ceremony. The Games had begun! Ten years on we reflect on and remember these iconic Games.

At this event we celebrated the journey of the Paralympic Games. From the very humble beginnings at Stoke Mandeville through to the International sporting event we see today. Dr Guttmann’s vision led to a national, then international, and finally to the Paralympic Games, the worlds 3rd largest sporting event.

Visitors had the opportunity to delve into our displays and look closer at our London 2012 collection with children joining in with our craft and trail activities.

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