Dr Guttmann introduced bed cycling as part of the rehabilitation programme. He designed a hand cycling machine on a trolley that could be rolled over a patient bed, however cycling did not feature in the Stoke Mandeville Games. The original machine is now in the collection of the London Science Museum.

Cycling first featured in the Paralympic Games of New York 1984 though this was for road events only and athletes with cerebral palsy. Its inclusion in the Games has developed over the years as follows:

Para-cycling was first developed by cyclists with visual impairments who competed on tandem bicycles. Since then, the sport has continued to grow and the Paralympic programme has grown to accommodate high levels of international interest in competitive cycling.

  • Seoul 1988, road events only for athletes with visual impairment only.
  • Barcelona 1992, road only, different impairment groups included.
  • Atlanta 1996, track cycling added to the programme.
  • Athens 2004, handcycling added to the programme.