The National Paralympic Heritage Trust (NPHT) have developed a corporate day out with a difference. We cover the usual team building element, but we combine it with the opportunity to actively help the Charity with its ongoing collections work (as done by volunteers), and the chance to learn more about disability and the Paralympics. So that’s Education, Employee Engagement and Exercise, all in one day. And all in support of a great charity.  

The content is flexible – we listen to your needs as a company and build the day to ensure that you achieve your goals.  
We have created a short film to tell you a little more.

Example Day  

9.30am  - 10.00am Arrive and meet in the Stadium Reception area. You will be guided to your base for the day. Hot drinks provided.  
10am Intro to the Day.  
10.15am Commence tour of the Heritage Centre and handling collection  
11.15am 10 min break  
11.25am Return to the Dorm for a briefing on the box listing process  
11.35am Carry out box listing voluntary work for NPHT  
1pm Lunch Break  
1.45pm Tour of the Spinal Injuries Unit displays 
2.30pm Boccia Competition in Dorm 31  
3.45pm Meet up back in Dorm 30 for reflection on the day  
4.00pm End of Day


A team from the British Paralympic Association enjoying their day at NPHT.

The cost of this day is £150 (no VAT) per person, with a minimum cost of £600 per day. We recommend between 6 and 12 people attend the day to maximise the opportunities. We can cater for more with enough notice.  

DICE Club members qualify for a discounted rate of £100 per person.  
To book your day with NPHT please email Emma: [email protected]