This school and community will be invited to consider a theme or object in our collection that resonates with them. Working with a disabled artist and a Paralympian the language surrounding disability and inclusion will be considered through the various posters, mascots and memorabilia that are used to publicise the Paralympic Games.  This may include examining the changing designs of the medals which were once created by patients at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital but which are now professionally designed commissions with symbolic meaning.

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Grendon Underwood

5th April 2022

The 1st Grendon & Edgcott Scout Group were given the opportunity to work on an original concept with artist, Greta Davies. Greta wanted to highlight the celebration of achievement which is marked at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympic Games and link these with the ceremonies that happen within the Scout Movement. Greta spoke to us about her workshop.

For this workshop I was initially drawn to the Paralympic ceremony as an inspiration and wanted to highlight the importance of the ceremony in the Paralympic Games.  The celebration and coming together of all kinds of people from around the world, and how the opening and closing ceremonies are a way to document the incredible journey that the athletes’ take.  I wanted to link this to the Scout Movement and highlight the importance of the ceremonies that happen within it. Making connections between the two ceremonies was a way for the children to celebrate their own achievements within the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, and for them to achieve their creativity badges. It was also a way for them to engage and learn about the Paralympic Movement. I was able to introduce new materials, colours, and a new way of making art that is fun and exciting. They shared their ideas and worked together to create these ceremony boards which can be displayed and shared with their friends, family and local community.

These colourful and creative panels have been on display at various venues in the community and the Scouts have created their own interpretations panels to describe their designs which you can view here.