This community will be invited to consider the impact of creative design on the Paralympic Games.  From the symbolism seen in the Paralympic torches to the costume designs seen in the opening ceremonies and the athlete kit. Community events will actively explore the impact of Dr Guttmann’s holistic approach to wellbeing and rehabilitation. 

Find out about our events and workshops in Westbury and with Radstone Primary School below, and more about our other community workshops here


Westbury Community

Braille brick wall workshop with Clarke Reynolds

11th and 12th March 2022


This Braille brick wall was created by the community of Westbury Village facilitated by Clarke Reynolds the blind Braille artist.

You can touch and decode by colour through my unique colour coded Braille system a way of bringing this tactile language into the 21st century making it accessible to everyone and inclusive to the visually impaired community. The descriptive words and phrases that make up this wall were an emotional response to the 2012 Paralympic 100 meters T400 final, won by Jonnie Peacock MBE. I wanted participants to express themselves with creativity in describing this race using the A - Z and I was not disappointed. The community made me laugh and cry with joy as they took on this task. Please experience this wall by unlocking the Braille and encounter this race in words. Clarke Reynolds.



Meet the Paralympian event with Lora and Neil Fachie

17th February 2022

We welcomed two Paralympic athletes to our evening event held at Westbury Community Hall. All attendees were delighted to listen to the stories of Lora and Neil Fachie, who both won gold in track cycling at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


Radstone Primary School

14th June - 6th July 2021

Year 4 students from Radstone Primary School in Brackley learnt about the significance of the Paralympic torch and the lighting ceremony with our volunteer Gill Beck before making their own designs.  They also learnt about writing raps and poems with spoken word artist Robin Surgeoner, a Paralympic swimmer with 9 gold medals!  The students then met Helene Raynsford, British Paralympic rower, who shared her story and her gold medal from the Beijing 2008 Paralympics and answered lots of questions from this very engaged and resourceful class of children. 

Callum Howard, Year 4 teacher, Radstone Primary School said:

The project was brilliant and really encouraged the children to take an interest in the Paralympics. It gave them a greater understanding of the history of the Paralympics and made them feel a part of the journey. The staff were amazing and we were really impressed with the guests (Paralympians and volunteers) that were a part of our journey.