Archery was one of the opening sports at the first International Games for the Disabled at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in 1948 and an event at the first Paralympic Games in Rome 1960.

Margaret Maughan on wheelchair archery in the 1960s

Memories of what archery was like in the 1960s. Read more

Margaret Maughans gold medal from the Rome Olympics in1960

Margaret Maugham about the 1960 Rome Games

Britain’s first ‘Paralympic’ gold medal was won by Margaret Maughan for archery at Rome in 1960. Read more
George Brogan, Archer, at the games in Blair Castle 1965

George Brogan discovers archery

George was inspired by his experience at Stoke Mandeville to set up his own local disabled games. Read more
Jane Blackburn, Paralympian

Jane Blackburn's biography

Jane’s first taste of disability sport came just months after she became a tetraplegic when she competed at the 1970. Read more

Val Williamson with her medals from the Arnhem Games in 1980

Val Williamson's Journey to Silver and Bronze Medals at the Arnhem Games

Val talks about the club system, coaching and competing at the Arnhem games. Read more

Frank Bilson at the Royal Toxophilite Society

Frank Bilson was a British Archery Champion who helped to train the first paraplegic archers at Stoke Mandeville. This short video shows Frank shooting at the Royal Toxophilite Society in 1946.