Daniel Bleasdale next to his 2012 Childrens Promise display in the Paralympic Heritage Centre

12th December 2019
Article by Evie Knighton

It was decided by the organisers of the Olympic bid that every child born on 20th December 2004 (the date 20/12) was eligible to be involved in a major event under the name of The Children's Promise . Each child would then be given the chance to take part in the official ceremonies or cultural events associated with the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Daniel Bleasdale, a local boy from Aylesbury, was born three weeks earlier than planned, on Monday 20th December 2004 and was therefore selected to be a part of the 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.

By showcasing a series of objects and images collected by Daniel and his family over his first seven years involved with the Children’s Promise, the display housed at the Paralympic Heritage Centre demonstrates the importance of exhibiting stories like Daniel’s and represents the involvement that local people within our community had during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Come and visit the National Paralympic Heritage Centre at Stoke Mandeville Stadium to see Daniel’s collection of objects which have been installed specially to mark the event. You can also read Daniel's story here

Thank you to Daniel Bleasdale and his family for kindly donating the objects and for their involvement and support throughout this project.

The National Paralympic Heritage Trust is inviting people to share any of their own memorabilia and stories for documenting as part of the project.

For enquiries contact:
Vicky Hope-Walker, Project Manager, National Paralympic Heritage Trust, [email protected]

Display curated by:
Evie Knighton, Exhibitions Volunteer, National Paralympic Heritage Trust, [email protected]