The Paralympic Heritage Centre at Stoke Mandeville Stadium is temporarily closed to visitors but you can visit it from the comfort of your home through our virtual tour.  Using 3D technology, you can ‘walkthrough’ exhibition spaces and zoom in on specific artefacts or artwork. You can access video, British Sign Language, text caption and audio-description options at points of interest.

For group and school tours we are able to offer bookings for realtime virtual guided tours and talks, please contact us for more information at [email protected]

Highlights from group visits in 2020

Feedback from Bucks Adult Learning group tour in March

Sally Wickens, ALDD Tutor, Bucks Adult Learning said of the tour

The tour was really interesting and engaging and my students learned a lot. They also really enjoyed themselves, they liked seeing the cauldron and the running track and particularly enjoyed pretending to be different members of the royal family cutting ‘opening’ ribbons.  The museum was really great too and my wheelchair bound learners found it very interesting hearing about the development of the wheelchairs for Paralympic athletes. After the museum (and a lovely cuppa and snack in the café!) we were treated to various items from different Paralympics that the students were able to hold and investigate and even try on. They thoroughly enjoyed this and not only was it fun, it brought together much of the information they had been given during the tour. At the end they were invited to write postcards about their visit and post them in a special post box in the museum.

Your centre is a superb resource for learning for people of all ages but it was particularly enjoyable to my disabled students and they really did have a great time.   

Highlights from group visits in 2019