Contract Brief

September 2020

This brief can be provided in alternative formats on request.


  1. Overview
  2. Background
  3. Purpose – Objectives, delivery, methodology, outputs and timescales
  4. Reporting Requirements
  5. Budget
  6. Submission of Proposals
  7. Supporting Documents

1. Overview

By 2023 we want the work of the National Paralympic Heritage Trust to be widely recognised and our digital approach to audience development to be at the cutting edge within the sector, attracting commercial support of £100,000 a year.

We are looking to appoint dynamic consultants/company to help us on this exciting and challenging journey, who share our inclusive values and with energy for positive change.

2. Background

The National Paralympic Heritage Trust was formed in 2015 to gather, protect and share the unique, and inspirational heritage of the British Paralympic Movement, the remarkable story of driven individuals and human endeavour that changed the World for disabled people, their friends and families, and the wider public. 

Our purpose is to celebrate, cherish and bring the heritage to life, in a compelling and evocative way, securing a legacy, feeding a growing public interest since London 2012, changing attitudes and instilling national pride.

Although our remit is ‘National’ there is considerable international interest in our work as we hold all the early collections of the Paralympics being the birthplace of this inspirational movement.

The NPHT is a registered Charity 1165416.

The Trust received a 5-year National Lottery Heritage Fund grant in April 2017 to create:

  • An accredited collection and archive is our priority.
  • A permanent heritage centre at Stoke Mandeville Stadium (recognised worldwide as the birthplace of the Paralympic movement and opened in April 2019
  • A virtual museum (website)
  • Modular regional exhibitions
  • Engagement and outreach programmes

We are now in the 4th year of this programme of work with an additional year of activity taking us through to January 2023, we need to take stock, look at our achievement to date, review our audience development plans, and implement a revised approach that will ensure we deliver our funders outcomes including future sustainability and commercial support going forward.

The founding partners are the British Paralympic Association, WheelPower – British Wheelchair Sport and Buckinghamshire Council. Our key funders are the National Lottery Heritage Fund, HS2 and the Rothschild Foundation Impact Grants.

Our wider partners are numerous but central to delivery of our outcomes, these are Manchester National Football Museum, Bath University and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London (QEOP). Looking to the future, the QEOP is where we would like to develop further permanent displays (2023-27) celebrating the Uk's unique Paralympic Heritage and in particular sharing the exciting collections from London 2012 Paralympic Games. 

The Audiences

The audiences we are aiming at, in order of priority are:

  • Disabled people, their families and friends
  • Disabled associations and trusts and their members
  • 12 Spinal injuries centres
  • Sporting heritage interest groups
  • Further Education (with a focus on universities offering sports degrees and research)
  • Schools (special, primary and secondary)
  • The general public

3. Purpose of the Contract – Objectives, information needs, methodology, outputs and timescales


  • The aim of this work is to create and deliver a new marketing strategy from 2020 to 2023 that will meet our outcomes to funders and provide an audience base that can attract commercial support alongside public support moving forward from 2023. This work will also contribute to our application for professional museum status.
  • To deliver this the appointed consultants/company will need to:
  • Evaluate achievements to date against original outputs and outcomes and revise monitoring processes
  • Build physical and virtual audiences with professional social media and online PR support
  • Shape the delivery of future work to meet user needs
  • Contribute to the future vision of the Trust through our development strategy 2020-2027
  • Ensure that audiences loyalty is built up, can contribute to long-term sustainability and raise commercial interest
  • Make our product(s) attractive enough for commercial sponsorship
  • Create interim and final evaluation reports

Please note that the Website Management is not part of this contract brief, but the Website Digital Content Manager will work in collaboration with the appointed consultants/company. 

Objectives Information needs Methodology Outputs and dates


  • Review of current evaluation reports, forms and systems.
  • Desk top research
  • Evaluation report April 2017-Dec 20.
  • Revised monitoring system and schedule – Mid Jan 20

Identification of user/non user needs and expectations

  • Original audience development research
  • Surveys
  • Focus group
  • Report Mid Feb 2021

Audience loyalty and sustainability

  • Awareness of long-term financial plans
  • Desk research
  • NPHT Board meetings
  • Report and recommendations as above

Revised and implemented Marketing strategy drawing on findings and event opportunities

  • Original audience development plan
  • Review of marketing activity to date
  • Desk research
  • Discussion with team
  • Report to Board
  • Revised marketing strategy with targets for 2021 – 23 by end Feb 2021
  • Monthly  reports and recommendations.
  • Annual report to Board

Strategic Digital social media plan and implementation with revised KPIs

  • Digital participation data and reports to date
  • Monthly KPIs to date
  • Desk research
  • Survey
  • Report to Board
  • Social media plan end of Feb 2021
  • Monthly KPI monitoring reports and recommendations
  • Annual reports

Input into presentations to the commercial sector

  • Liaison with Finance and Development Committee and commercial company contacts
  • Desk research
  • Meeting preparation with NPHT
  • Presentations (10)

Input into a revised general strategy

  • Feedback of relevant findings and needs
  • Documentation sharing
  • Meetings (2)
  • Audience development plans Jan 2020-23 and 23-27 by end of Feb 2021

Creation of interim and final reports

  • Access to on-going data
  • Analysis of data
  • Focus groups (8 Heritage Centre, NSIC, Bath, Manchester, London, Rothschild and HS2)
  • Research at events (5)
  • Individual interviews (10)
  • Interim reports: Early May 2021 and April 2022
  • Final report: January 2023

Please note any research will be both qualitative and quantitative. We will expect you to ensure that the qualitative work is dynamic and engaging, considering the possibility of including a Paralympian and disabled artist in its delivery. (We can assist with this linked to our event programme).  All work must consider the access needs of our audiences.

4. Reporting Requirements

You will be part of the overall NPHT team, liaising with other consultants especially the Digital Content Manager (Website). You will report up to once a year directly to the National Paralympic Heritage Trust Board of Trustees and on a day-to-day basis with the CEO, providing monthly updates.

5. Timescales: November 2020 to End January 2023

6. Budget: Up to £40k inclusive of VAT.

7. Submission of Proposals 

The deadline for submission is 5pm on the 26th November 2020.

Respondents are asked to outline:

  • A proposed programme of work and timetable.
  • Their relevant skills and experience including case studies of similar work carried out for other companies/charities.
  • The details of the team members including their relevant experience and professional qualifications.
  • The details of any sub-contracted companies/consultants, names and relevant experience.
  • Demonstration of the understanding of the commercial sponsorship landscape.
  • Proof of Professional indemnity insurance.
  • The details of two references.

Proposals and enquiries should be emailed to the Administrator at the email address [email protected] 

Enquiries and informal conversations with the CEO at the email address [email protected]

Successful respondents will be invited to an interview on 30th November or 2nd December 2020

Supporting Documents that can be made available:

  • Original Audience Development Plan and research documents
  • Draft Strategy 2022-27
  • Draft Digital Strategy
  • Year 3 review and review summary
  • Evaluation documents Norwich, Cartwright Hall and Cliffe Castle, and Gunnersbury Park
  • Outputs NLHF, HS2 and Rothschild Foundation