January 2020

The Tokyo 2020 and Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Summer Games

As we count down to the Tokyo 2020 Games each month we will be comparing items from this year's Paralympic Games to the last time the Games was held in Tokyo, in 1964.

January 2020 - Art posters

Official art posters from Tokyo 1964 and Tokyo 2020.

Art posters from the Tokyo 1964 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Summer Games

February 2020 - Logo design

The Tokyo 1964 logo is a white dove of peace within a ring, symbolic of a wheelchair. In Japan the word for ring ‘wa’ means harmony. The Tokyo 2020 logo is a wreath composed of cherry blossoms, the Japanese symbol of fragility and beauty.

Logo design for the Tokyo 1964 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Summer Games

March 2020 - Opening ceremony

At the Opening Ceremony of the 1964 Paralympic Games 21 countries took part in the parade. For this year’s Paralympics participating countries will increase to more than 160!

The Great Britain Paralympic Team parade at the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games opening ceremony